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Loft Conversion Timeline: What to Expect During Your Renovation

Embarking on a loft conversion project is an exciting endeavor that promises to transform unused attic space into a valuable part of your home. However, understanding the timeline and what to expect at each stage can help manage your expectations and ensure the process runs smoothly. This guide outlines a typical loft conversion timeline, from initial planning to completion.

1. Initial Planning and Design (1-4 Weeks):

  • Week 1-2: The first step involves consulting with an architect or designer to discuss your vision and requirements. They will assess the feasibility of the conversion, considering the existing structure and any potential planning permission requirements.
  • Week 3-4: Your architect will produce initial designs and, after your feedback, finalize the plans. This phase may also include applying for planning permission if your project does not fall under permitted development.

2. Obtaining Planning Permission (8-12 Weeks):

  • If required, submitting a planning permission application can take place. The timeline for approval varies by local authority but generally takes 8-12 weeks. During this time, you can select a construction company and finalize your budget based on the approved designs.

3. Detailed Design and Building Regulations (4-6 Weeks):

  • With planning permission secured (or if your project is a permitted development), detailed drawings and structural calculations are prepared for building regulations approval. This ensures the design complies with safety, energy efficiency, and construction standards.
  • Submitting these details to the local authority or an approved inspector might take a few weeks to get approved.

4. Hiring Contractors (1-2 Weeks):

  • Week 1: If not done earlier, now is the time to finalize your choice of a construction team. Obtain quotes from several contractors who specialize in loft conversions to ensure quality and value.
  • Week 2: Once you’ve selected your contractor, discuss the project timeline, start dates, and any preparations needed before work begins.

5. Construction Phase (8-12 Weeks):

  • Week 1-4: The initial weeks of construction will focus on structural work, such as reinforcing the floor, altering the roof structure for dormer conversions, and installing windows.
  • Week 5-8: Following the structural work, internal construction begins. This includes insulation, partition walls, electrical and plumbing installations, and plastering.
  • Week 9-12: The final weeks are dedicated to finishing touches, such as flooring, decorating, and installing fixtures and fittings. This phase might also include external work, such as rendering and roof finishing for dormer conversions.

6. Snagging and Completion (1-2 Weeks):

  • Once the main construction is complete, a snagging period allows you to identify any minor issues or finishing touches that need addressing. Your contractor should rectify these promptly.
  • Upon resolving any snags, the project is officially completed. Your contractor will provide you with all necessary documentation, including building regulations sign-off and warranties.

7. Post-Completion:

  • After the project is completed, there might be additional external work, such as landscaping or exterior painting, that can be concluded without disrupting your newly converted space.


A loft conversion project typically spans 18-24 weeks from initial planning to completion, though timelines can vary based on the project’s complexity, planning permission requirements, and unforeseen delays. Understanding each phase of the process helps set realistic expectations and contributes to a smoother renovation experience. Remember, effective communication with your architect, builders, and local authorities is key to keeping your project on track.

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